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AudioSec Limited is owned by Dee Briston and was formed after Dee’s original business had a few regular clients that led to a stream of clients and more work than she could handle alone. Dee knew others who were transcribing from home and she asked a few trusted people if they wanted to join her if she started up another company. Dee started out as the project manager and first point of contact and she would organise the work amongst the teams.

Her aim all along was to enable others to be blessed by working from home as she did, for Dee to have peace of mind that clients were getting access to professional transcribers and that home transcribers didn’t feel isolated. Working from home and choosing to work your own hours can be extremely rewarding but the downside is one could miss out on the usual interaction one gets in a shared office.

The team grew to 20 freelancers and alongside DeeWP, Audiosec Limited was thriving. Audiosec Limited continues to offer transcription services to whatever industry requires it as the team is diverse and able to take on as much work as the industry demands. Each of the freelancers have signed confidentiality agreements, secure handling of data agreements and have undergone a selection process to ensure they have the required skills to work with a variety of subjects. All team members fully proof read their work, collaborate to assist the team produce full transcripts and follow a corporate template for each individual client. Many hands make light work and from start to finish of a project our clients’ audio is carefully logged, tracked and transcribed to a fixed deadline and client-led layout.

Dee highly commends her work colleague, Carole Evans, for the work she does in project managing the teams. The team has changed since early inception but the ethos remains the same. We work very much as a friendly team that cooperate with each other and give our very best to our clients. The thing we all have in common is a pride in the quality of the work we produce and our dedication to deliver what the client is after – accurate scripts delivered back by the deadline and with transparent upfront pricing.

I do hope you get the feel for the business and our team. We are highly professional, very approachable and as accommodating as we can be to meet both your deadline and your budget. Please feel free to email or phone to find out how we can help you with your transcription project.